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Walmart is offering good discounts over Samsung 4k UHD TVs

Walmart is offering good discounts over Samsung 4k UHD TVs

Nowadays, even high-definition has become a common and most popular experience and that is where HD and UHD TVs come into play. These TVs are equipped with high-end components that allow your favorite entertainment or sports to be watched in 4K resolution and more for a pleasant experience. However, these TVs aren’t cheap since a 50-inch class RU7100 smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung could dig a $500 hole in your pockets but hey, 4th of July is just around the corner and here’s what Walmart is offering right now.

Samsung 50” RU7100 is at its affordable pricing at $500 before offer, however, Walmart is offering a 4th of July special offer by discounting the price to $398 which is a sweet 20% drop from its original pricing which is a sweet and must-buy deal at any given time. It is not just the 50” UHD TV but there are other UHD TVs on sale during the discount period as well.

Talking about the Samsung 50” class RU7100 smart 4K UHD TV, it runs on a high-caliber UHD processor that makes it able to process incoming signals into 4K resolution while the PurColor and High-Dynamic-Range or HDR tweak the incoming picture into a lifelike true picture at all times.

Since it is a smart TV, one of the features is the on-screen guide that enables users to search for the content while you can pair it up with Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and other platforms in a jiffy. It is just a matter of seconds and you are plugged to your smart TV ready for action right away.

The smart TV also offers voice assistant thanks to its feasibility to connect with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa that allows users to control the TV without a remote while it is able to connect to iPhones via AirPlay 2 that plays UHD content without any further ado.

You can also check out the Samsung 65” class RU7100 smart 4K UHD TV which had a price drop of 22% that makes it available at $698 instead of its original $900 price tag. Grab it before the stock becomes unavailable.

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