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Streamer raises more than $1 Million for charity in four hours

Streamer raises more than $1 Million for charity in four hours

Charity focussed streams are gaining popularity in the esports. All streamers, both big and small like participate in raising money for good causes that will benefit people who need it the most. Recently a popular streamer DrLupo’s efforts went above and beyond many charities focussed streams. Breaking all previous records, professional Fortnite player and Twitch streamer DrLupo has recently raised nearly $1 million for charity in under five hours. 

DrLupo raised this whopping amount for a charity organized for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis in just four hours. It occurred between week-long charity stream run by GuardianCon. According to Forbes, the stream ran in four-hour blocks, with various streamers taking part across the week. 

Benjamin Lupo is a popular streamer who also uses his platform for good causes. Talking about exact figures, in a recent stream run by Guardian Con that totaled just 271 minutes, DrLupo managed to raise an astonishing $920,343.98. This means for every minute the stream was on, the streamer basically brought in $3,396.10. 

Like every other streamer who participated in the charity-based stream, DrLupo also put in place various incentives to get people to donate as much as possible such as raffle entries and handicaps like drop certain weapons or restrict himself from entering certain buildings. There were also a few larger goals ranging from having Charlie, DrLupo’s son, play Fortnite(at $350,000) on the live stream, to MrsDrLupo, his wife, playing Resident Evil (at $500,000) for an hour

Talking about GuardianCon, it is a Florida-based gaming convention that happens each year as “a community based, charity event.” It focuses on bringing in a large community of gamers coming together, basically for a social cause. Talking about this stream, the combined efforts of everyone involved raked well over the target $3 million, with all of the $3,721,097 raised going directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Donations came from the likes of Ninja, ItmeJP, and State Farm Insurance, etc.

GuardianCon’s charity stream had hoped to raise $3 million, but by the end had made a whopping $3,721,097.  GuardianCon will also kick off in Orlando the weekend after July 4, and the plan is to raise even more money for St. Jude there.

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