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Sony will launch its PlayStation 5 in 2020: Rumors

Sony will launch its PlayStation 5 in 2020: Rumors

Sony PlayStation 5 is the next gaming console from Sony and it’s something everyone knows for sure as it will be the successor to PlayStation 4. However, the launch date for PS5 is something of a mystery as Sony hasn’t been vocal about the launch date but hey, that doesn’t stop the rumor mills from churning out either logical or truly fake and assumptive rumors about its release date.

According to a report published by, PlayStation 5 could see the light of day sometime around 2020 holiday season or precisely around November next year. That’s all we know about the release date so far but there are many details available about PS5 in the tech community at this moment.

Sony and Microsoft are one of the major competitors when it comes to gaming consoles. Since Microsoft is working on its powerful Xbox Scarlett slated to launch next year as well although unofficially rumored, this could mean that Sony will have to release the console right around the same time in order to compete for head-on rather than discourage gamers and customers who have been waiting for a long time now.

PlayStation 5 will be the most advanced gaming console as reported earlier. In fact, a report suggested that it could be more than four times more powerful than the last-gen PlayStation 4 which is something of a great deal. Furthermore, it will get priority from Sony. Next up, a patent showcased how players will be able to skip the loading screen in order to play an uninterrupted gaming experience without waiting for the games to load.

Sony decided to ditch the E3 convention this year and instead decided its own convention. Even though it wasn’t there at the E3, it was still the most-talked-about tech company at the event which is a result of much hype around the upcoming powerful gaming console. At the moment, we don’t know much about the console or its specifications but it is incoming so the wait is worth.

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