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Pokemon introduces a new service Pokemon Home, similar to Pokemon Bank

Pokemon introduces a new service Pokemon Home, similar to Pokemon Bank

If you are someone who likes collecting Pokemon and play a lot or multiple Pokemon games, here’s a surprise for you. Before the E3 2019 conference could take place, The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Home, a cloud-based service for Nintendo Switch that allows players to transfer all the Pokemon from multiple current generations of Pokemon games to the cloud. This includes transferring the acquired and obtained pokemon from games like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Shield, Pokemon Sword, and many more.

The cloud-based service allows players to transfer their Pokemon right into the Pokemon Home from all sorts of the current generation of Pokemon games as aforementioned where Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are included. This will open new opportunities for players wanting to save all the Pokemon to use in the new games while allowing them to trade in their Pokemon both locally and globally either in return for another Pokemon or other means.

Note that although Nintendo introduced this service for Switch that will soon be available for both iOS and Android along with Nintendo Switch with an expected date of early 2020, we don’t know much about the service yet. A report published by GameSpot did mention that the service will be available on a click if you have a smartphone and if you have transferred all the Pokemon right into the Pokemon Bank once it is available. This will include the games like Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield that are making their official entrance later this year.

Per iMore, Pokemon Bank was made available at a premium of $5 per year for Nintendo 3DS where more than 3,000 Pokemon captured from various Pokemon games from Nintendo can be stored. Since Pokemon Home is similar to Pokemon Bank, this would facilitate those who want to play the games without worrying about losing rare Pokemon while it can also prove instrumental during Pokemon competitions around the globe.

We are yet to find out more information about the service and how it works and its limitations that Nintendo is yet to announce which has raised many questions around the cloud-based service.

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